What’s with Puppies?

We recently acquired a newborn beagle pup.  Her name’s Sadie.  It was Lady when we adopted her but my highly liberalized sister thought that was too misogynistic of a name.  Don’t ask why.  I don’t think she really knows either.

Anyways, I think she might be defective (the puppy, not my sister).  Or she just is doing normal puppy things.  I’m not sure.
First things first, she chews everything.  Books, CD cases, arms, legs…etc.  I have coffee plants; she eats the leaves off of them (hopefully it’s just a phase).  One day I walked downstairs to see her chewing on a lamp she had knocked onto the floor somehow.  Usually I move her away tell her “no!” and then clean up the mess she has made.

Another thing she does is get so excited when she plays that she jumps in the air and flips onto her back — not too bright.  She loves to be on her back though.  It’s weird sometimes.  I think she spends about 50 percent of her time on her back, paws up in the air, toy in her mouth (sometimes).  It’s kind of comedic when you are relaxing and so is she and then she just rolls to her back.

She’s also very skittish.  She hates vacuum cleaners, the washer and dryer, and the occasional blade of grass that moves the wrong way.  As I write this, she keeps jumping back from my coffee plants because the other leaves she isn’t trying to mutilate are touching the top of her head.  Scary stuff right?

She just peed.  On the floor.  Nice!

Let me know what you think.  Is she defective, or just a puppy.  Thanks.

P.S. This is my first post.  I’d love feedback.  You can email me at srickrode@ycp.edu or message me on Twitter @SethRickrode and Instagram @sethheader


7 thoughts on “What’s with Puppies?

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  1. Thats so cute!! Don’t worry about her plant eating situation though. Its normal for dogs to eat plants cause its nutrients are good for digestion. Sometimes, they throw it up. So just keep an eye on her! Try gettig her engrossed in a kong or a ball. She may like the park cause she’s so active too!

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