Finals Week?  Win Big with my 3 Easy Steps.

Here we are; it’s finals week.  I’ve been both looking forward to it, and dreading it all semester.  I’ve wanted to get to this point because I know what’s next, three full months of warm weather, beach trips, and seeing friends.  I’ll probably throw in a few rounds of golf during that time too.  By that I mean a few rounds a week.

I’m also dreading this week though.  It seems like one last chance for my professors to bully and haze me before I move on to the great beyond.  A lot rides on finals week for people.  Some rely on a fantastic grade so they won’t have to retake the class.  Some won’t even show up because they know they don’t stand a chance.  Others have the calculations worked out to the point where they know they need a 73.947 on the final to pass.  These are the same kids that are somehow failing their math class.

This semester’s situation for me is a class in which I have an 89.8.  Yes that’s a 3.5, unless I can ace the final with a 91 or better.  Then it would be a 4.  When I realized how close I was to a 4, I got a little sick.  So yes, this final will be the difference.  Thankfully, it’s not cumulative.  My professor is a really nice guy too, he’s been giving out extra credit opportunities all semester.  I just haven’t used any of them.  If I end up with a 3.5 it’s my own fault, but I’d never admit that.

For finals this semester, I’m gonna study hard!  I’m gonna go in there with a winning mentality.  I’m gonna kill my finals.  Literally.  Okay, not literally, but I am going to picture myself killing them.

Finals are usually just another exam.  They’re like all the others.  If we can all just see that, I think it’ll take some of the stress.  The stress might be a good thing though.  It pressures you to study more and win big on the last major grade in the class.  Let’s all win big on our finals this week.

Here’s, Seth’s Top 3 Ways to Win Big this Finals Week. 

  • Study…a lot.

This seems super obvious and you guys are all thinking, “duh, give better advice”.  The thing is, I’m giving my top 3 and studying should clearly be at the top.  I don’t always study, but when I do it’s during finals.  Usually my studying consists of reading definitions or just staring at pages.  It depends on what class it is.  I’m the person who goes into an exam without studying 50 percent of the time and still gets a decent 85 or better.  But this finals week that is going to change.  I WILL study and take the exams seriously.

  • Bring a pen/pencil

Trust me.  Pens and pencils are a great thing to have when you have to circle or write down answers.  Whoever invented those things really had the common college student in mind.  They were probably thinking about how easy their invention would make finals week.  I use a pen every class.  It comes in handy quite often.  Have one.

  • Get a good night’s sleep

Don’t be out all hours of the night the day before your exam.  I’m not your mom for goodness sake, but it has to be said.  Be responsible.  Binge drink NyQuil and be in bed by five-thirty or six o’clock.  Okay, don’t actually do that but be in bed early.  You’ll thank me in the morning.

Good luck on finals folks.

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  1. Gosh I envy the fact that you don’t study the entire portion and still get really good marks. I study so hard and end up with 70 something. And people honestly need to learn about carrying their own stationery, so many of my classmates end up asking around for pens right before the exam! All the best for your exams though!!

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